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tayfa make it happen

Making It Happen: An Interview with Make It Happen

We recently did a fun interview with the featured band of the month, Make it Happen. They are currently recording their debut EP and we should be expecting it before the summer hits. Read along as Banton, … [Continue Reading...]


Sober Time! An interview with Loop’s Kim Trinidad

Indie Iligan chats with one of the most notable female musicians in town, Kim Trinidad. She sings, plays the guitar, writes stuff, and can sometimes be also seen hitting on the drums. She's an Elements Music … [Continue Reading...]


Chika Minute: Raymond Beltran

After reading this shocking news posted last week, I chatted with Arc's ex-bassist Raymond Beltran to ask a few questions. Do you wash your own SMC polo? Yes, I may look irresponsible but I do household … [Continue Reading...]